Interior Design Ideas For Book Lovers: Showing Your Book Collection Off In Style

When you have a great love of literature and books, it is very likely that you have quite the extensive book collection. This can present you with a challenge when you are looking to change up your interior design or start interior decorating. While you want your home to look stylish, you also want to be sure that your book collection is proudly on display. Get to know a few of the ways that you can update your interior design and show off your beloved book collection in a style that best suits you. [Read More]

Top 7 Interior Decorating Tips And Ideas

Does your home need a makeover? Redecorating is one of the simplest ways to make your home look and feel brand new. Here are seven interior decorating tips and ideas: 1. Look up Do you have rooms with few or even no windows? You can use your ceiling to make the room seem brighter simply by painting the ceiling one to two shades lighter than the walls. The slight contrast adds light without making it obvious. [Read More]

A Guide To Buying Federal Style Furniture

If you are looking into outfitting your home with wonderful furniture pieces, consider looking into heirloom furniture in the form of federal style furniture. This will allow your home to experience unparalleled elegance, which gives your interior excellence with plenty of style and grace. Read on if you would like to learn more about this style of heirloom furniture, the history and features that denote federal style furniture, and how you can tell a piece of heirloom furniture that you are shopping for is of high quality. [Read More]

How To Bring Home Used Furniture Without Inviting Bed Bugs In

Used furniture can save you thousands of dollars when you're trying to decorate on a budget, but you could easily spend those saved thousands if your furniture purchases leave you with a bed bug infestation. No matter who's selling the item or what they promise about it, you must do your own inspection before bringing a single side table or couch throw pillow into your home. These four tips will help you spot the pests before they're living it up in your living room. [Read More]