Update Your Furniture With A Repair Instead Of Replacement

When you have furniture that you love, you don't have to get rid of it when it needs a little repair. Instead of ditching your furniture that is outdated, you can get your living room furniture reupholstered instead. With a little care, you can take furniture that is boring and make it look great in your home. From repairing furniture that isn't safe to use to updating the look of your existing couch, furniture repair is an inexpensive way to give you the furniture you want. [Read More]

What Do You Need In A Home Wall Entertainment Center?

Do you have a nice, big living room with a wall that's missing something? Well, one piece of furniture can make a huge difference in the appearance of your living room: a wall entertainment center. These units come in various forms and can be large enough to house your entire home entertainment system in one unit. Here, you'll find a few tips to help you find the home wall entertainment center that will meet your needs and be easy for you to care for. [Read More]

How To Paint Wood Furniture With A Spraygun

There are many different ways that homeowners can refinish their exterior. Obviously, a new paint job on an old piece of wood furniture is one of the most accessible ways to update it. The project is relatively affordable; the supplies are easy to work with; and the project doesn't require any heavy construction. That being said, a typical wood furniture paint job will require a little bit of preparation work so that the surface can be fully prepared for the new paint. [Read More]

Tips For Caring For Your Furniture

Your home or office furniture can be a major investment that is unavoidable if you are to have a comfortable and productive space. While your collection of furniture can be a major investment, there are several key points that you can keep in mind to help prevent some routine types of damage from becoming major issues for the furniture. Care For The Leather Upholstery Leather is a common type of upholstery that is found on high-end furniture. [Read More]