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Tips For Making The Most Impact With Your Home Wall Décor

Wall décor is like the icing on the cake when it comes to interior design. Not only is it fun to decorate your home, but home décor can also be useful for hiding flaws in your home or highlighting the best parts of your home. Following a few tips for using home wall décor will help you maximize the look of your décor to make the greatest impact on your home's design style.

Take advantage of entryway decorating

First impressions are important and begin at the entryway or foyer of your home. Choose items for your entryway that grab attention. However, less is more in the entryway, so choose one great art print or framed picture to use as a focal point on the wall. For instance, a picture of some beautiful scenery may be all you need on an entryway wall and will look elegant when you add a candle sconce or two to provide ambiance.

Never underestimate the power of mirrors

Almost every room can use a great mirror to reflect natural or artificial light. A large mirror in a small room can help to open the room and make it appear larger. For the best effect, place mirrors on a wall perpendicular to windows in the room, rather than across from a window, to avoid the light bouncing back to the window rather than being reflected around the room.

Focus on eye-level decorating

Make sure to hang the middle of a piece of wall décor or a picture at eye level to achieve the best effect. Décor that is hung too low or high can serve as a distraction rather than enhancing a room. When you enter a room, having décor at eye level will make the room look pulled together rather than haphazard.

Group décor in uneven numbers

Strive to group wall décor in uneven numbers to achieve the best look. This is especially important if you are doing a wall grouping that contains several pictures. Odd numbers create interest rather than symmetry, which is why groupings of three are popular in interior design.

The right home wall décor can make a huge impact on the wow factor of your interior design. However, using your wall décor creatively will maximize the eye appeal of any room and will bring a room to life. Great wall décor is the perfect finishing touch that will transform any home into a work of art.

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