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Pick the Right Master Bedroom Mattress After Moving to a Humid Climate

Living in a humid climate can come with some challenges when it comes to choosing furniture from your home—mattresses included. If you're buying a new mattress for your master bedroom and want it to be comfortable year-round, it's best to look into what kinds of mattresses will be the most comfortable when the weather gets humid.

Stay Away from Memory Foam

The first type of mattress you'll want to avoid when you want to be comfortable in a humid climate that also gets warm is memory foam. Memory foam can be great in some ways since it can contour around your body, but it can also be uncomfortable when there's a lot of humidity in the air. Looking for alternatives to memory foam can ensure that there won't be a big issue in terms of how the mattress feels.

Opt for Organic Materials

Making sure that the mattress is breathable can keep it more comfortable, as well as avoid issues such as mildew that could come from humidity in the air. Organic cotton and wool can be a lot more breathable and make your mattress comfortable when sleeping in a room with high humidity. Synthetic materials can feel stifling and come with issues regarding comfort when the mattress is going to be in a room that has humidity.

Prioritize a Larger Mattress

If you'll be sharing the bed in your master bedroom, it's important to choose a mattress that's large enough. Whether this means finding a mattress size that suits you and your partner or has room for your pets, you'll need to make sure that it's going to be big enough to avoid it feeling stifling. With the mattress being larger, you won't feel closed in due to not having enough space.

Invest in a Quality Cover   

Protecting the mattress needs to be a priority when you live somewhere that experiences humidity since some mattresses can begin to get mildew and other damage due to the moisture in the air. With a quality cover that's still breathable, you can cut down on this problem and make your mattress last for a lot longer.

As you get ready to pick a mattress to be used in your master bedroom, you'll need to be patient and see what the variations are and how they can be a good match for an environment with a lot of humidity. With the above tips, the mattress will stay in good shape regardless of any humidity. Contact companies like Kettle River Furniture & Bedding to learn more.