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Architectural Salvage Material To Use In Your Bathroom Remodel

Many homeowners like to recycle materials in their homes. When you use salvaged materials, you often get a refurbished item that's completely unique in the modern market.

If you're undertaking a bathroom remodel, consider using some of the following salvaged materials.

Clawfoot Tub

Perhaps the most popular salvage item for a bathroom remodel is a clawfoot tub. Standalone tubs are trendy, but they take their roots in the old-world clawfoot tubs. Said tubs are usually the centerpiece of a bathroom. What's more, they are often longer than modern styles so that you can more easily soak your entire body. You may need a standalone tub filler for the clawfoot tub.


Another very popular salvage item is a mirror. Indeed, if you patronize architectural salvage centers, you can probably find mirrors for any room in your house. Mirror styles have changed through the ages, so such centers usually have a large stock of unique finds. For the bathroom, you might even find a full medicine cabinet or a mirror you can place over a built-in cabinet.


Like mirrors, tiles have changed through the ages. In fact, some of the most popular tiles from the turn of the century are the small, hexagonal ones. You can find modern versions of those tiles, but nothing beats the original. Plus, when you recycle building materials, you're engaging in eco-friendly practices. You can at least use some of those tiles in a mosaic.

Bathroom Sink

In the past, manufacturers created bathroom sinks out of full porcelain. These sinks often feature scrollwork on the edges and on the legs. Even if you choose a more modern salvage sink, say from the mid-century period, you'll get a unique item that adds instant style to your bathroom. Indeed, you can use such a salvaged sink as inspiration for the entire décor.

Bathroom Door

Another item you commonly find in salvage centers is a door. As with sinks, previous manufacturers used different materials that are uncommon or pricier on today's market. In this case, you may be able to find a solid hardwood door. Besides being a superior material, such a door may feature artisan carving. You can easily hang the door at the entrance to your bathroom.


Bathroom remodels almost always incorporate building more storage. You can find both bathroom and kitchen cabinets at salvage centers. Like doors, these cabinets were often crafted of hardwood. And they often feature similar carving and trim. You may have to re-stain the cabinets, but they'll be a unique addition to your bathroom.

Visit a center that offers architectural salvage services to look for unique materials to use in your bathroom remodel.