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Pros And Cons Of Locating A Custom Bar In The Center Of The Room

If you've decided to hire a contractor to build you a custom bar in your home, you'll need to not only choose the room in which you'll situate it, but also decide where it will be. For many people, it makes sense to have a bar in the corner of the room, but you might be leaning toward a different idea — for example, having the custom home bar in the center of the room. Evaluate the pros and cons of this placement idea before you move forward.

Pro: More Space For People

A bar in the center of a room will typically have a lot more space around it, given people's ability to sit around the entire perimeter of the structure. This means that if you're someone who enjoys hosting large groups of people in your home, you may be excited about the idea of playing bartender for a crowd of friends who have gathered around you on all sides.

Con: Takes Up Lots Of Space

There's little doubt that a custom bar in the center of a room will eat up a significant percentage of the available space — far more than if the bar were situated in the corner or against the wall, for example. People often put bars in their basements, so you'd have to be willing to devote a large amount of your basement's biggest room for this addition. Some homeowners would rather place the bar out of the way and retain the open space.

Pro: It Becomes A Focal Point

Some people get very excited about the idea of adding a custom bar to their home, and dream of all the decorations and accessories that they can buy. If you're this type of person, the idea of having the bar situated in the center of the room — where it will be the main focal point for those who enter — is probably very appealing to you.

Con: There Are Storage Challenges

When a bar is set up against a wall or in a corner, it's conventional for there to be a large mirror mounted to the wall and racks to store the bottles of alcohol immediately in front of the mirror. A bar that is in the center of the room can make storage more of a challenge. You'll need to store your bottles and other supplies below the bar, which can somewhat reduce the visual appeal of the space, as well as provide logistical challenges — namely, your "customers" not knowing what products you have available.