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Revamping Your Dining Room: Unique Table Ideas That Inspire

When it comes to your dining room, the table and chairs create the focal point in your space. Instead of choosing a traditional look with matching chairs, consider channeling your creative side to create a unique look in the room. Here are some dining table and chair ideas to inspire you as you look to give your dining room a makeover.

Multicolor Seating

One way to add visual interest to your dining room table is to choose multicolor seating. Select one chair design and purchase it in multiple colors. You can then alternate the colors at your table to create an eclectic look. This option works for traditional wooden farmhouse chairs as well as luxurious velvet-upholstered dining seats. You can tie the chair colors into your decor theme by coordinating plates, dishes, and napkins at each place setting to match the chair colors. If you want to choose a more muted version of this idea, opt for wood chairs in varying stains.

Dining Benches

Dining benches offer a unique visual element and also create a cozy seating arrangement for meals. These benches come in a range of designs, from simple wood to button-tufted linen designs. You can line one side of your dining room table with benches and use traditional chairs along the opposite side. This option is ideal if you have limited space in the room. You can place the benches along the wall to create restaurant-style seating and conserve precious floor space. Accent your wall of benches with throw pillows to give guests a bit of extra back support.

Casual Pub Sets

If you aren't decorating a formal dining room, consider a counter-height dining table. This option brings more of a casual pub feel to your space, and it gives you lots of choices for fun bar stool seating. You can find counter-height tables in a range of sizes, from two-seater bistro tables to expansive eight-person tables, so consider how many people you'll be entertaining regularly before purchasing this type of table. A counter-height table isn't always a great option if you have small children or close family members with mobility issues, so keep these things in mind before you head to your local dining table store.

Convertible Tables

Convertible tables let you get more use out of your room, and they can also be great for small apartments and homes. You can find dining room tables that convert into console tables, bookcases, and coffee tables, but there are also some options that are a lot of fun. Round dining tables that convert into poker or bumper pool tables can be perfect for entertaining friends and family, and you can even find some models that transform into ping pong tables or open to reveal a full pool table. If you are interested in a multifunctional convertible table, be sure to keep your eye out when you visit your local dining table store.