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How To Paint Wood Furniture With A Spraygun

There are many different ways that homeowners can refinish their exterior. Obviously, a new paint job on an old piece of wood furniture is one of the most accessible ways to update it. The project is relatively affordable; the supplies are easy to work with; and the project doesn't require any heavy construction. That being said, a typical wood furniture paint job will require a little bit of preparation work so that the surface can be fully prepared for the new paint. This article explains exactly how homeowners can perform their own professional quality paint job using a spraygun.

Use a Spraygun

Using a spraygun, even if you have never used one before, makes furniture painting faster and more manageable. When you use a spraygun, you can actually get paint on the wood very quickly. But, before you can do this, you need to do a lot preparation work. Once the wood is sand and repaired, the rest of the painting goes by quickly.

Maintaining Equal Distance from the Wood

One of the tricks to a professional exterior paint job, when using a spraygun, is making sure that you keep your spray tip an equal distance from the wood the entire time you are actually spraying. That is, whenever the trigger is pulled, make sure that the gun is the same distance from the surface.

Keeping the Gun Moving

On top of this, you also want to make sure that you are always moving the gun while the trigger is pulled. If you stop moving the gun in one spot, the paint will puddle up, and you might end up with a bleed. So, begin your hand motion from side to side, and pull the trigger as soon as your hand starts to move. This also means that you want to release the trigger before you change directions. Basically, you will paint in short, horizontal lines.

Paint in Both Directions

You also want to make sure that you paint in both directions so you cover all sides of the wood texture. The thing about using a spraygun is that it takes a little bit of practice. If you practice on a spare piece of wood, you will probably end up with better results. Before you actually start to paint the front of your furniture, you should practice so that you figure out the perfect distance, pressure, and how to perfect the gun you are using.