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Want A Bed Frame With Customizable Storage Opportunities? Prioritize Certain Design Features

Buying new furniture is an exciting process because it allows you to dictate how you want your home to look. The house's features will play a partial role in the overall look that you obtain, but it is the furniture and decorations that you fill it up with that will have a substantial role in its appearance and function. If you like the idea of having an attractive bed frame, but what you really want is great storage opportunities, you should make sure to prioritize certain features when you go shopping for this piece of furniture.

Rail Storage at the Foot and Head

Buying a bed frame that gives you storage at the foot and head of the bed is not very customizable. What you want is a design that makes it possible to customize the storage that you have. If you can find a bed frame that has a thin footboard, you can treat it as a rail and attach storage containers to it with hooks. This allows you to pick the container types and sizes for a truly customizable storage experience. It is also possible to apply this same method to the headboard, which you can then use to put things like your glasses, smartphone, pens, or books inside depending on the size of the hangable containers.

Thick, Carved Out Headboard

A different design that will give you excellent storage options is a thick, carved out headboard. This is ideal because you can use the empty space from the carving on the inside of the headboard for storage. You can keep the items loose and just put things in there as you need them or you can get small storage boxes that naturally give you organized storage, but also allow you to further stylize the area.

Lifted Base for Flexibility

Some bed frames come with storage inside, but this may not be an ideal feature for you. A lifted bed frame is an ideal alternative because it gives you the ability to put so much underneath. It is possible to store vacuum-sealed bags, plastic bins, cardboard boxes, or oversized items that do not fit anywhere else. If you want to maximize storage, you should shop for the tallest bed frame as the extra height helps.

Although it is certainly easy to get storage from a bed frame when you pick one that is designed with it in mind, you can get even more use out of one by looking for specific qualities while shopping. To learn more, contact a business like Canales Furniture.