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How To Properly Inspect A Couch Frame

If you have recently moved into your first home and need to fill your house with furniture, then you may be excited about the idea of going furniture shopping. If a new couch is on your list of things to buy, then you probably want to choose a sofa that is going to last as long as possible. To make sure your money is well spent, keep reading to learn how to examine the couch frame for long life. 

Inspect The Frame 

A tough and strong frame is a necessity for a couch, and frames are typically made out of wood, plastic, or metal. If you want to avoid buying a weak couch, then forego any couch with a plastic or particle board frame. Metal frames can be a good choice, but this is only true if it is made of steel. Steel can retain a great deal of stress and pressure, but metals like aluminum will not. Make sure to ask about the makeup of metal frames so you can understand if it is made out of steel. If it is, then inspect the underside of the sofa. You should see strong welds with metal filler material around each frame joint.

Wooden frames are also strong and much more common than metal varieties. If you notice that the frame is wood, then ask if it made out of kiln-dried materials. Kiln-dried wood is placed in a high-heat oven before the frame is constructed. This helps to remove a great deal of the moisture from it so the wood does not crack, warp, or bend. Natural wood damage is something that can occur if the wood is not a kiln-dried variety.

Lift The Couch

If you opt for a couch with a wooden frame, then the furniture store may not have information about whether the wood was kiln-dried or not. If the store does not know, then make sure the wood is a hardwood variety. Oak, ash, cherry, and maple are a few examples of hardwood trees, and pine, cedar, and spruce are examples of softwood trees. Avoid softwood frames, because they will be far too weak. 

Once you find a good hardwood frame, then gently lift up one corner of the couch if you have the strength to do so. Lift the corner about 5 to 6 inches until the back corner of the couch also starts to lift up. If the corner lifts up, then the frame is strong, hard, and rigid. This couch should remain in good shape for some time. If the back corner or leg of the couch remains on the floor, then the frame is able to bend. This means the couch frame is too weak and has a lot of give. 

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