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Want To Update Your Small Bedroom And Walk In Closet? Tips To Help You Get Started

When you walk into your bedroom it should be a comfortable and tranquil place to allow you to relax and get better sleep. If you have not updated your bedroom, as well as your attached closet, below are some tips to help you transform them.


Paint the walls a light color to help make your room look larger. Some colors that work well are pale yellow, pale green, creamy tan or an off white.

Create a focal point in the bedroom. Because the bed is the largest piece of furniture in the room, you could arrange several pillows on the bed. Every pillowcase does not have to match. Choose from different colors and styles to make it look unique. You could also choose to make the windows a focal point with beautiful curtains.

Lighting is another thing you should consider. Using light effectively can make your bedroom appear larger. A crystal chandelier hanging from the bedroom ceiling will make the ceiling seem higher and will add light over the room. Recessed lights also work well, or you could place wall sconces on your dresser.  

Walk in Closet

If your walk-in closet is cluttered, this makes it very difficult to find things. To help with this problem first remove everything from the closet to start out with a clean slate. Put things into piles, one pile for keep, one pile for throwaway, and one pile to sell or donate.

Wipe down the walls and shelving and then vacuum the carpeting and sweep the floor. Only keep clothes that you know you are going to wear. You likely have clothes hanging in your closet that you have not worn for years. If so, chances are you will never wear it again. You may have clothes that are no longer appropriate for your age.

The same things goes for the things on your shelf and your shoes. Keep going until you have gone through everything. Start putting back the clothing. You can hang the seasonal items first and then the out of season clothing in the back. You could also store this clothing in another location if you do not have enough room for them. Add some extra shelves, belt and tie racks, a clothes hamper. You should also add shelving if you do not already have it. Once the clothes are in order start putting back your other items.

Having shelving for these items will keep them organized. Wire shelving is inexpensive and is easy to install. It can easily be cut to match the measurements of your closet. Laminate shelving is more sturdy and attractive. Many laminate kits include drawers, closet rods, show organizer and more.

If you need help in creating the perfect bedroom, hire an interior designer. If you need help with the closet, hire a company like Elite Closets to custom design your closet for you.