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Learn How To Transform The Look Of Your Furniture With Lace

Creating a unique piece of furniture may not be as difficult as you think. Fabric can often be used to give furniture a touch of elegance if used the right way. The guide below walks you through the process for adding lace to a piece of furniture to give it an elegant look.

Consider Where You Want to Add the Lace

The first thing you need to do is to consider where you want to add the lace to the piece of furniture. If you are refinishing a dresser, you may want to put the lace only on the fronts of the drawers. If you are refinishing a table, you may only want the lace on the top of the table. The lace can be added to just about any area of a piece of furniture that you choose. Measure the area to ensure you know how much lace to buy when you go to the fabric store.

Purchase the Right Lace for the Job

Next, you need to go to the fabric store and choose the lace that you want to add to the piece of furniture. It is important to choose lace that has a design that will allow the finish of the wood to show through. Some of the lace that is available at fabric stores has a design that is so tightly knit together that barely any of the finish will show through. This could create a very jumbled look when you are done. Be sure to purchase more lace than you need to complete the job to ensure that you have enough to make up for any mistakes you make during the cutting or adhering process.

Scuff the Finish of the Furniture

Next, you need to take the time to scuff the finish of the furniture so that the lace will stick to it well. Use 80-grit sandpaper to lightly sand the surface of the furniture where you plan to adhere the lace. Most finishes are too smooth for the lace to adhere to if you do not scuff them up.

Adhere the Lace to the Piece

Measure the lace and cut it to the right size for the areas you plan to cover with the lace. Mix one cup of wood glue with a quarter cup of water. Paint the back of the lace with the glue and then press it onto the furniture and smooth it out. You want to be sure that the lace does not have any glue pushing out of the opening of the knit. Use a clean, dry cloth to gentle dab any areas where excessive amounts of glue are pushing through. Repeat this step until all of the lace is attached.

Once the glue has dried, spray the entire piece of furniture with polyurethane gel to add a protective coating to it. Once the gel has dried, you can start using the piece right away.

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