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Tips For Caring For Your Wood Furniture

If you would like to make sure that your wood furniture stays in as good of shape as possible for many years to come, you will want to check out the following tips.

Keep Your Wood Furniture Away From Heat Sources

It is important to make sure that your wood furniture is not placed right next to a fireplace, portable heater, or heat vent. If you can feel the wood of the furniture getting warm, it is too close. You want to keep the wood furniture away from all heat sources because over time, the heat will dry out the wood. It can cause it to shrink and eventually crack. If the rooms in your house tend to get extra dry during the months you are using heat, you might want to make use of a humidifier just to make sure that your wood furniture is not at risk for damage.

Polish The Metal Hardware Separately

If some of your wood furniture has metal hardware on it that you would like to polish, such as knobs or handles, you will want to refrain from polishing it while it is still attached to the furniture. It is best to remove the metal hardware from the furniture so you can give it a good polishing without running the risk of rubbing the polish on the wood or not getting all of the hardware because you are trying to be overly cautious. Once the polishing is done, you can put the metal hardware back on, but do this carefully so you do not accidentally scratch the wood in the process.

Clean The Wood With A Mild Soap

You can use some water and a mild soap for the cleaning of the wooden portions of your furniture. The key is to make sure that you are not soaking the wood or leaving it to air dry after you have finished cleaning it. Use a rag and a soft bristle brush for the crevices that are hard to get into. Make sure that you are using a very soft dry rag to remove any leftover moisture once you are done cleaning it. Once you are done cleaning and drying the wood, you can apply some paste wax to protect the finish on the wood and to give it a nice shine. 

With the previously mentioned tips, you should have no problem caring for your wood furniture.