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Keep Your Children Safe In Their Bunk Beds With These Tips

Whether you have limited bedroom space in your home or your children get along well and wish to share a room, a bunk bed can be the answer. Informing your kids that you're moving forward with purchasing a bunk bed will likely elicit feelings of excitement, but it's important that your children stay safe in their beds in addition to having fun spending time together. As a parent, you need to put rules in place that prohibit horseplay on the beds, and especially on the top bunk. Here are some other simple ways that you can keep your children safe in their bunk beds.

Anchor The Bunk Beds To The Wall

When it comes to safely positioning the bunk beds in the children's room, it's not enough to simply push the beds against a wall. You should always anchor the beds to the wall studs with furniture straps and heavy screws. This will keep the beds sturdy and secure, even when both children are sitting on the top bunk or are climbing up or down the ladder. You can buy straps and screws wherever you shop for the bunk beds, such as at Bruce The Bed King.

Use The Correct Size of Guardrails

A key safety element of the upper bunk bed is a guardrail on the side of the bed opposite from the wall. You must always make sure that this rail is high enough. The rule is that the rail should be at least five inches taller than the child's mattress; if your child uses an extra-thick mattress, you may need to upgrade from the stock guardrail that was sold with the bed. The five-inch guideline is generally enough to keep the child safely in the bed even upon rolling over in the night.

Keep A Night Light In The Room

When the child who sleeps on the top bunk needs to use the bathroom in the middle of the night, he or she will have to climb down the ladder safely. Given that children can be less than sturdy on their feet upon waking up, it's important to keep a night light in the room. This will provide enough light that the child can easily find his or her footing on the ladder and climb down and up safely. Try to get a light night with a motion sensor and place it in a wall outlet near the ladder. This will allow the light to turn off when the children are sleeping but pick up the child's movement when it's time to climb down.