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How To Refinish Custom Furniture

If you want a smooth, elegant look to your custom furniture, high gloss on your furniture is not only very stylish, it is also very durable. Repairing the finish on custom pieces does require a little some skill and delicacy. This article explains how to change the finish on custom furniture pieces with a high gloss finish.

Remove the Existing Finish

Removing the existing finish is actually easier if it is fading or peeling away. However, if the finish is still strong, and you are just changing it to alter the look of the furniture, you will need to do more sanding. When sanding hardwoods, the job is much easier and more effective if you have a vibrating sander. If you try and sand it by hand, there is a greater risk of scratching the wood grains. You may need to use different grits of sandpaper. On your first round of sanding you can use a medium grit paper to help remove the majority of the stain. Then, step up to an extra grit paper that will leave behind a smoother finish that is almost ready to be stained.

The last prep step is to use steel wool to make the wood even smoother. Steel wool is necessary if you are going to apply a high gloss stain because you need to make the surface extra fine. The steel wool will kick up some fine dust that you need to wipe down with a wet rag before proceeding.

Applying the New Stain

Perhaps the most important thing you need for applying high gloss stain (beside the actual product) is a good, lint-free rag. By applying the stain with a lint-free rag, you can spread it easily without leaving behind brushstrokes. You can wear latex gloves and dip the rag directly into the stain can and then spread it directly onto the furniture.

Most stain jobs will apply several coats, but you need to steel wool the surface after each coat. Wait for the stain to dry completely and then lightly rub it down with the steel wool. Then, wipe down the stain with a wet rag before applying the next coat. You also need to repeat these steps after the final coat of stain. If you want your furniture to be even shinier, you can then buff it out with a wool power drill buffing attachment.

With this simple process you can maintain the classic look of your custom furniture pieces. For more information, contact a carpentry company like R A Mayo Industries.