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Interior Design Ideas For Book Lovers: Showing Your Book Collection Off In Style

When you have a great love of literature and books, it is very likely that you have quite the extensive book collection. This can present you with a challenge when you are looking to change up your interior design or start interior decorating. While you want your home to look stylish, you also want to be sure that your book collection is proudly on display. Get to know a few of the ways that you can update your interior design and show off your beloved book collection in a style that best suits you.

Wildly Hand-Painted Mismatched Bookcases For Whimsy

If you want your apartment or home to have a wild and whimsical style like Alice in Wonderland or another fun and fantastical childhood dream world, then you may need to do just a little customization. The first step is to get yourself several different bookcases. These can be any shape and size, but you want to make sure that they are all wood and that they are in good enough condition to be repainted.

After that, you just need some paint and painting supplies and a little creativity. Sand down the finish off of the wooden bookcases you have purchased and repaint them in wild and fun patterns and colors. Each one should be different and unique. If you or someone you know is a talented artist, you could also paint scenes from classic books or different characters that you have come to love over the years as well as realistic scenery on the bookcases.

These unique bookcases will tie together with their sense of playfulness and references to literature. This will give your interior design a true sense of the eclectic mind and nature of a true book lover while also showing off the book collection itself.

Floating Bookshelves For A Modern Twist

If you want a more modern and minimalist look to your home decor and interior design, you may want to try something just a little bit different. Instead of using traditional bookshelves and cases that can be bulky, use floating wall bookshelves.

These shelves are usually made of a thin, yet sturdy piece of metal that mounts flush to your wall but curves out from the wall the form a small shelf. The cover of one of your books attaches around that lip or shelf that protrudes, covering that bottom metal piece. Once the book is mounted to the bottom of the floating shelf, you can stack additional books on top of it. This gives the illusion that the books are floating against the wall and will save on floor space that can be kept open or used for other furniture.

Several of these floating bookshelves scattered throughout the room or throughout your house as a whole can free up space (which is especially helpful if your home is small) and give your decor an ultra modern and even futuristic feel.

With these ideas in mind, you can be sure that you find a unique way to show off your book collection and create an interior design that suits your personal decorating style.