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Top 7 Interior Decorating Tips And Ideas

Does your home need a makeover? Redecorating is one of the simplest ways to make your home look and feel brand new. Here are seven interior decorating tips and ideas:

1. Look up

Do you have rooms with few or even no windows? You can use your ceiling to make the room seem brighter simply by painting the ceiling one to two shades lighter than the walls. The slight contrast adds light without making it obvious.

2. Bathe in an antique

Replace your modern tub with an antique bathtub. Classic pedestal or claw footed tubs make your bathroom elegant and inviting. You can transform your guest bathroom into a luxurious experience for visitors.

3. Choose a centerpiece for every room

Every room in your home should have a focal point. By focusing on one centerpiece, you reduce visual clutter and make each room open and large. For example, you could make the headboard of each bed the focal point of the bedrooms. The headboard should be large, made of good quality material, and have an eye catching color or pattern. All other furniture and decor in the room should be neutral or complementary to the headboard and not distract from it.

4. Get custom window treatments

Never underestimate the impact perfectly sized curtains and drapes have on a room. Curtains that are measured for your windows ensure that your windows pop without distracting from the decor in the rest of the home. Curtains that are too large overwhelm the window while curtains that are too small look out of place. Check out a company like The Fabric Loft to get custom window treatments.

5. Go to infinity

Circles are infinite, and going with circular furniture and decor makes any room, no matter how small, seem large. Use circular rugs in small bathrooms. If your living room or bedroom is small, use circular coffee tables, end tables, chairs, and couches.

6. Double your storage space

The key to a well decorated home is adequate storage space. Clutter will drag down the appearance of any room. To avoid clutter and give yourself enough storage, double the amount of storage you think you need. For example, if you need one dresser in your bedroom, get two. This reduces clutter by giving you more places to put things as you acquire them later.

7. Do the opposite

To make a room really stand out, do the opposite of what conventional decorating rules say. For example, rather than painting the baseboards white and giving the walls color, do the opposite. Give the baseboards color and paint the walls white. The unexpected pop of color near the floor makes the room seem larger.

These are seven ideas and tips on decorating your home. Do what inspires you and make your home shine.