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A Guide To Buying Federal Style Furniture

If you are looking into outfitting your home with wonderful furniture pieces, consider looking into heirloom furniture in the form of federal style furniture. This will allow your home to experience unparalleled elegance, which gives your interior excellence with plenty of style and grace. Read on if you would like to learn more about this style of heirloom furniture, the history and features that denote federal style furniture, and how you can tell a piece of heirloom furniture that you are shopping for is of high quality.

What exactly is Federal style furniture?

This is a type of heirloom furniture that came to prominence in the 18th and early 19th century, particularly in the years 1780 through 1820. This form of furniture is native to Great Britain and has a number of noble characteristics.  Federal style furniture typically blends a mixture of neoclassic, Sheraton and Hepplewhite styles. 

What are the characteristics that denote federal style furniture?

When looking for federal style furniture, there are some key characteristics that you will need to be aware of. When these furniture pieces were first created, they were mostly noted for their smaller scale and use of straight lines. Each piece of federal style furniture has a number of characteristics that you should look out for to know that you are buying a piece of heirloom furniture that features this style. For instance, the chairs will typically have tapered legs, an oval-shaped back and usually some sort of carving. The tables in the federal style are typically very round and heavily tapered. These wooden tables are usually completely covered by some sort of skirt. To truly know you are getting a piece of federal style furniture, you should skip the standard furniture stores and instead shop with specialists who deal strictly with heirloom furniture.

How do I know the furniture piece I am buying is high quality?

When shopping for this heirloom furniture, first and foremost check the materials. There are a lot of plastic imitations out there, so attempt to slightly bend the wood to test it. In terms of width, you will typically not want the wood plank to span any wider than 4 inches. Further, closely inspect the grain patterns to be sure that they go in different directions. These points will tell you a lot about the quality of furniture that you are purchasing.

Keep these tips in mind and reach out to an heirloom furniture specialist, like one at Julie Bova, who can help you out.