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Choosing And Caring For A Solid-Wood Television Stand

You probably know that your television stand needs to be more than just something on which your television sits. The stand may have to support an entire entertainment center all while looking good. Choosing and caring for the right television stand takes more than simply picking out the one that fits. There are many things to consider before you order one or pick one up in the furniture store. Here are a few things you should do before and after you get a solid-wood television stand.

Measure multiple times:

Any time you decide to purchase a new piece of furniture, you should at least measure the space where you plan to put it. The furniture should be large enough to fit the television, look good and have the right proportions. Be sure to measure the length and width of your television and don't go by the dimensions listed on the box. If you haven't ordered your television or if it hasn't arrived, then use some of the free calculators available online to convert dimensions and ratio to length and width. Flat screen televisions look great when the stand is a little larger than the width of the television. Traditional cathode-ray televisions look best on stands that are about the same width. Also, try to get the right height by sitting or laying on your furniture and checking for blocked views.

Consider the style and added features:

Decide what you want in your television stand. Do you want something stylish with a lot of decorative embellishments, or do you want something that is more plain and simple? Consider also how many accessories you have and how you will route wires to each of them. Many television stands have built-in grommets that make for easy wiring. Think about if you want extra storage space for items such as DVDs, CDs or even decorative knickknacks. Ask yourself if you want glass doors that make it easy to see those items or solid-wood doors to keep everything hidden.

Caring for your solid-wood stand:

Fortunately, solid-wood doesn't require a lot of extra care. If you're concerned about your television scratching the stand, try putting a soft yet secure cloth under the base of the television. You can also bolt your television either to the wall or to the stand to protect against extra movement. Luckily, repairs are usually easy if you manage to lightly scratch your stand. Most of the time, furniture polish is all that is needed to keep it looking its best. However, check with the manufacturer just in case your stand has any special coatings and needs special care.

Solid-wood furniture looks great and is very durable. Wood television stands come in a variety of styles to fit many types of living spaces and lifestyles. Choosing and caring for one isn't hard, and your stand should last for many years. If you're having trouble deciding on what kind of stand is best for your situation, then contact a furniture distributor for more information.