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Bring A Vintage Touch To Your Home's Interiors With Arts And Crafts Design Features

Bring a touch of sophistication to the spaces of your home with an American Craftsman style and décor. Furnishings from the Arts and Crafts era of design history will give your home a rustic, inviting transformation that will appeal in both traditional and modern spaces.

Bring a retro look to your home with the following design tips:

Vintage Stickley furniture. Stickley furniture was popular in the early 1900s, and was born out of the Arts and Crafts design movement in Britain. The style embraces rich wood trim and simple upholstered seats, and the pieces appear to be made for a study, library, or den. Consider a pair of Stickley-style chairs by the fireplace or instead of your current dining room chairs.

Antique pendant lamps. Another feature that will bring class and sophistication to your home is an antique light fixture. A pendant lamp is an ideal way to bring task lighting to areas where you work on projects or hobbies, and where you may need a bit more illumination. Visit furniture boutiques or vintage retailers to find authentic antique lamps that will bring elegance to your home.

Unique, artistic textiles. You can also capture the feeling of a vintage era in your home with unique textiles. You can achieve an antiquated air through thick, velvet draperies or with brocade upholstery on the furnishings. Consider textured fabrics, throws, and linens that have character and visual interest.

Hand-painted flooring. During the Arts and Crafts era, it was not uncommon for homeowners to paint the floors of the home. Many would also hand-paint thick cotton canvas to be used as floor coverings. Consider creating your own distinctive floor covering to be the focal point of your retro room.

Hand-blown glass accents. Choose your decorative objects wisely; use vintage hand-blown glass figurines, statues, or accents in your vintage-themed space. Glassblowing is an ancient art form that involves manipulating hot liquid glass into decorative objects and items. Display some gorgeous glass artwork to complement your room's features.

Custom millwork and molding. There is something very traditional about a room with crown-molding and custom millwork; these typically allude to the age and craftsmanship of a house. You can recreate this in your own home, even if it is a modern-style space, by adding your own wood trims and moldings. Talk with a general contractor about the costs involved with installing crown molding around ceilings and doors, and wood accents around windows or alcoves.

Create a space that seems to step back in time, and that has an elegant, vintage atmosphere. Choose furnishings, accents, textiles, and features carefully to maintain the authenticity and integrity of your retro theme. Talk with retailers about items that are from the Arts and Crafts design era or to find replicas to suit your scheme.